A letter from Joe Kral

A letter from Joe Kral:



Dear Frankfort Township resident:

Four years ago today I asked the voters of Frankfort Township to stand with me as we made history by electing me as the first write-in candidate to unseat an incumbent in Illinois history.  In so doing, I asked you the voters also to stand against a backward assessment process and an office that had long been tainted with suspicion and contempt.  Together we prevailed, and I have spent every day the past three years as assessor trying to live up to the trust and goodwill invested in me by working diligently toward the ideal of Fair and Equitable assessments.  As guiding principles, I have tried to let accountability and transparency guide my every decision.

Today however I must report to you on another matter altogether and one that I feel is of grave importance regarding the future of our shared struggle for Fair and Equitable assessments.   This year I stand for re-election and you the voters must again decide the future of this quest.  My record as assessor and my commitment to open, honest and accountable government I believe speaks for itself.   The record of my opponent however, demands scrutiny and an honest appraisal of his ability to do the work required of the job which he seeks.

When I entered public service it was only with a desire to be the best public servant I can be that has guided me along the way.  It was never my intent to wade into the murky world of personal politics and contribute to the negative image that many in government have (and many deserve).  All politics aside, it is my professional estimation that information regarding my opponent’s tenure as Will County Supervisor of Assessments is vitally important and begs the obvious question: what kind of Assessor would he make today?

On the enclosed page you will find excerpts from local newspapers documenting the period of time my opponent served Will County as Supervisor of Assessments under a cloud of criticism and scrutiny and then suddenly resigned. Also included are key findings of the Will County Blue Ribbon report critical of my opponent George Perros and his inability to perform his duties as required by state law.  All complete newspaper articles and a copy of the entire Blue Ribbon report can be reviewed in greater detail by visiting:  www.therealgeorgeperros.com

As I said before, it was never my wish to engage in partisan politics and wade into the world of mudslinging and negativity.  Some things however are far more important than politics and I happen to believe that honesty, competency and accountability are some of them.  On April 9th, voters will be presented with a choice for Township Assessor: An incumbent with a proven record of transparency and efficiency or a candidate with a history of suspicion and incompetency.  However you decide to choose, this choice is yours: will Frankfort Township continue to move forward toward the ideal of Fair Assessments and Honest Government or will we march backwards?

Respectfully Yours

Joseph N. Kral, Frankfort Township assessor

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